Product Manuals

In the section below, you may find the LEXIVON product instruction manuals.

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Butane Torches

Pen Style LX-770

Torch Style LX-771


Torque Wrenches

10~150 Inch Pound LX-180

20~200 Inch Pound LX-181

10~80 Foot Pound LX-182

10~150 Foot Pound LX-183

25~250 Foot Pound LX-184

30~300 Foot Pound LX-185

2~26 Newton Meter LX-191 


Measuring Tools

10Ft/3m DuaLock Tape Measure

16Ft/5m DuaLock Tape Measure

25Ft/7.5m DuaLock Tape Measure

25Ft/7.5m AutoLock Tape Measure

2 in 1 Digital Laser Tape Measure LX-201

Aluminum Miter Saw Protractor LX-230